SPM measurements gallery

  • 100nm nanospheres on silicon
  • AFM tips imaged on ZnSe film
  • Carbon nanotube (sample courtesy L. Zajickova)
  • Escherechia coli (sample courtesy L. Fojt)
  • MFM on hard disc
  • Microchip surface
  • Microchip surface thermal data
  • Nanoindentor imprint on copper
  • Nanoscratching on polycarbonate
  • Natural diamond (sample courtesy J. Kotkova)
  • Part of a CCD chip
  • PLC film delamination
  • Silicon single steps (sample courtesy L. Koenders)
  • SNOM reflection on Al islands
  • Thermal map on microchip sensor
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2019-10-12 New FDTD solver version GSvit 1.9.2 was released.

We invite you to our SPM workshop.

Image of the month

AFM scan of polystyrene (PSL) nanoparticles having 100 nm and 300 nm in diameter


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