Software downloads

Modular multiplatform software for SPM analysis Gwyddion can be downloaded from the project pages, or directly from SourceForge where also the repositories are placed.

MSVC development package
The following complete MSVC development package can be used when you want to compile Gwyddion (and possibly other Gwyddion-based software) using Microsoft Visual Studio.
MSVC 2015 bundles:
See the instructions in the user guide for a detailed description.

Multiplatform software for modeling of electromagnetic field using FDTD method Gsvit can be downloaded from the project pages or directly from the SourceForge where also the repositories are placed.

Simple script enabling in litographic mode of Bruker SPM to scratch given text on sample surface.
Files to download are being prepared.

Multiplatform software for processing data from measurement of mechanical properties using nanoindentation. More information, downloads and documentation can be found at the project page

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2019-10-12 New FDTD solver version GSvit 1.9.2 was released.

We invite you to our SPM workshop.

Image of the month

AFM scan of polystyrene (PSL) nanoparticles having 100 nm and 300 nm in diameter


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