Roughness measurement

In the field of roughness we focus on characterization of surfaces with very small roughness (Rq<100 nm). For more rough surfaces it is possible to ask for the service the Department of roughness and hardness.

Typical surfaces at which it is suitable to use the nanometrology methods are the antireflex layers on optical components, semiconductors and various highly polished products. Considering we perform 3D analysis of surface in high resolution (not only measuring the profiles with a needle of relatively large tip radius) it is possible to interpret the data various ways, not only based on standards on roughness measured by contact profilometer.

In the z-axis the roughness measurement is not limited by lower bound (the microscope can detect even atomic roughness), the upper bound is limited by the minimum-maximum range of approx. 10 micrometers. In lateral direction there are measurable spatial frequencies limited by dimensions of measured area which 100 micrometers at standard measurement, but on special devices this can be as large as centimeters.

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2022-11-03 New SPM data analysis software version Gwyddion 2.62 was released.


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